The First Heritage Recognition Plaque

Our first plaque was presented to Great Neck House, originally built as the Great Neck Library over 100 years ago. Park Commissioners and Historical Society members flank the plaque. For information about our Recognition Program or to down load an application form, click here. To view sites which have been recognized by the Great Neck Historical Society, click here.

Help Us Preserve Great Neck's Historical Sites

Great Neck Historical Society actively works to preserve sites with historical significance. Currently we are concerned about two properties, the Saddle Rock Grist Mill and the Stepping Stones Lighthouse.  We are pleased about the recent restoration of the Allen Cemetery.  If you would like to participate or donate to the preservation of the Stepping Stones Lighthouse Project click here.  That will bring you to a PayPal link.  If you would rather send a check, please make it payable to the Great Neck Historical Society Lighthouse Fund, and send to PO Box 234483 Great Neck, NY 11023

photo credit: Alice Kasten

The Lighthouse, visible from Steppingstone Park and the Throgs Neck Bridge, is in a serious state of decay: there is a hole in the roof, as well as in the foundation.  If it is not saved, the Coast Guard might well tear it down, and just erect a navigational beacon.  Don’t let this happen to our lighthouse!  Find out more about Stepping Stones Lighthouse and how you can help, by clicking here.​


Photo credit: Karen Rubin

4/23/16 - The National Park Service has just awarded the Town of North Hempstead with a Matching Grant of $165,000 for the First Steps to Rehabilitation of the Lighthouse!!!  While this is great news, note that it is a MATCHING GRANT, and we need to duplicate those funds to receive them all.

Click HERE to read the official announcement.

And then, please consider making a matching grant donation, either by clicking on our Paypal link, or mailing to our PO Address.

Saddle Rock Grist Mill

Preservation Projects:

We are really pleased that the Allen Cemetery has been saved thanks to a joint venture of the Town of North Hempstead and the Village of Great Neck Plaza.  To see pictures of the Cemetery and to read more about the preservation process, please click here.

Located in the Village of Saddle Rock, the Grist Mill is one of the few remaining tidal mills on Long Island.  The mill dates from the 1700s and was used to grind corn and wheat for generations.  Currently owned by Nassau County, it was opened as a living museum in the 1990s, but has since fallen into terrible disrepair, and has been indefinitely closed.  To learn more about the Grist Mill, click here.