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​​True Tall Tales: History of the Alert Fire Company

Thursday, January 23rd - 7:30 PM at Great Neck House​

​John Motchkavitz, award-winning teacher of robotics at Great Neck South High School is also from a well-known “old Great Neck” volunteer fire-fighting family. Known by one and all as “Motch,” he will regale us with a wide range of stories about the history of the Alert Fire Company, stories with a blend of courage and dedication, humanity and humor.

Did you know that the original building for the Alerts had a dance floor and that money was raised for the department by hosting dances?

And that a number of money moguls, J.P. Morgan,  Walter Chrysler, and William Grace to name a few of the “social laddies” were the early patrons of the company back in 1901 before fire departments were publicly funded?
Motch has more stories about the colorful history of the Alerts  than a Dalmation has dots.

Join us for a great evening! Light refreshments will be served.  Free and Open to the Community

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January 16, 2020

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June 23, 2020 - Our Annual Meeting

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