History of Long Island Foods

History of the Long Island Railroad

We probably know about the oyster fishing and duck farming on Long Island, but there was - and is - much more!  Tom Barritt has made a study of Long Island foods.  Fascinating!

April 19 - 7:30 - Great Neck House

Saving Historic Structures in Great Neck - Great Neck Parks District

We will concentrate on the Saddle Rock Grist Mill and the Stepping Stones Lighthouse.  Program given by Great Neck Historical Society President Alice Kasten

Sunday, February 26, 12:30 - Great Neck House.

This program is free, but you need to register for it.  It will be canceled if registration is not high enough.

Robert Sturm has literally written the book about the Long Island railroad.  Come hear about its creation, growth, and how that has influenced the growth of Great Neck.

March 23 - 7:30 - Great Neck House

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Open Meetings of the Board of Directors‚Äč

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April 26

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