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Help Us Preserve The Stepping Stones Lighthouse!

The Lighthouse, visible from Steppingstone Park and the Throgs Neck Bridge is in a serious state of decay: there is a hole in the roof, as well as in the foundation.  If it is not saved, the Coast Guard might well tear it down, and just erect a navigational beacon.  Don’t let this happen to our lighthouse!  Donate to this restoration project by clicking here.

Stepping Stones Lighthouse Preservation Project

Stepping Stones Lighthouse was built in 1876 to warn mariners of a shoal and extensive rocks that extend into Long Island Sound northward from Kings Point.  Built in the Victorian Second Empire style, it was modernized in 1944, and remains a vital aid to navigation to this day.  The lighthouse itself is in poor condition, and needs to be repaired.  If it decays any further, there is a strong probability that it will be demolished, and a navigational beacon erected in its place.  Please help us restore this piece of our history!  It has been estimated that the needed repairs will cost in the range of $4 million.

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